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Friday, March 19, 2010

Bozik: Let matter take its course

FA of Malaysia (FAM) conditioning trainer Rastislav Bozik is unperturbed over the incident involving an assistant referee’s remark against him during a Premier League match recently.

Bozik was subjected to a verbal assault when first assistant referee Idzha Salim had apparently uttered: “Kau tidak layak menetap di Malaysia (you’re not eligible to live in Malaysia)” to the Slovakian and other Harimau Muda coaching staff during their match against Felda United at the Cheras Stadium on Monday. Felda United won 3-1.

Harimau Muda coach Ong Kim Swee confirmed having quoted Idzha’s alleged statement in their post-match report and forwarded a formal complaint to the competitions committee.

Bozik, who also helps out the Harimau Muda side, preferred to keep mum over the whole episode.

“I can’t really comment at this point of time. The matter has been reported to the competitions committee and I’ll wait for them to study the case and make a decision,” added Bozik.

]“I’m not scared (of commenting) but this is not the time to say anything.”

Bozik, who is under the payroll of the National Sports Institute, has yet to highlight the matter to his superiors.

NSI director general-Datuk Dr Ramlan Aziz, who is in Kuching, said; “It would help if Bozik lodged a complaint with us. Otherwise, we’ll take our own initiative ton investigate the matter as it has already been reported in The Malay Mail.

“Such actions should not be condoned and we will bring this matter up with FA of Malaysia (FAM).” FAM general-secretary Datuk Azzudin Ahmad (pic) , meanwhile added that the matter will be studied by the competitions committee.

“Once a report is lodged, a number of people will be interviewed and the committee will decide.

“If found guilty, we can take administrative action or refer the individual to the disciplinary board,” added Azzudin.


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